I can’t stand the heat and Manila is the kitchen I can’t escape.

I feel like I’m being baked and not in a good way (oh hey its 420 tomorrow). I already turned the air conditioning on cause my head has started to throb and I can’t risk getting my blood pressure too high (oh the 420 puns haha) because that won’t turn out well. Its crazy cause my room’s temperature just goes to bearable and never to cool. IT IS THAT HOT. And I already took a shower.


Can you tell that I’m thirsty? I need some vitamin sea.

I wonder who invented the mosh pit?

Maybe he was trying to create a dance that could be associated with rock and heavy metal. Hip hop, r&b, classical, jazz.. they all have dances. So why can’t rock and heavy metal have one too? Idk just some random thought. The guy prolly starded thrashing around in a rock concert trying to “dance” to the music and people caught on. Its funny just imagining it. Its funny how stupid it can be when you really thought about it.

I am the queen of bad decisions

Since I rushed into upgrading my plan with globe (I now have unli call and text + unli surf), I literally thought about it for 30 seconds and then said yes, I now think I might have made a mistake because now instead of paying 700-800 monthly (which I already have trouble doing) I now have to pay 1 ,300 (more or less). I know right??? I dont even know. I have a hard time coming up with money to pay for my phone bill as it is but now I’ve committed to paying almost double that. Sure getting to use the internet whenever and wherever I want on my phone is awesome BUT DUDE I am so going to be even more broke than I usually am. This is going to make saving up for concerts close to impossible at this point. Plus getting in to gigs cost 200 bucks so where the fuck am I gonna get the money?

I’m now thinking I should start selling stuff again just so I can pay for the shit I need.

OPM Indie scene

So I got connected to one of my hs friends again recently and he’s into the indie gig scene. He’s a photographer and he frequents this bar near us called Route 196. He took me twice already and I’ve learned so much. Honestly I don’t know why I waited this long before doing this. There is nothing like listening to a band (live) for the first time and falling in love with them, getting lost in the music. Honestly, when you see a band live and you see their passion, heart, and soul, being played out on stage and you become a part of that movement.. It’s just beautiful. It’s that give and take I told you about in a past blog. I finally found something that makes me feel so alive and young and can do on a regular basis. I’m definitely going to become a regular here now. 

Anonymous asked:

Do you have any plans on moving to Qatar after graduation and working there?

I don’t plan that far ahead, maguguluhan lang ako sa buhay buhay hahaha. Go with the flow lang muna ako ngayon e. Pero ang gusto ko lang talaga is to bum for about 3 months or so sa Doha until I figure things out. That is kung di ako makapasok sa Pulp for a full time job. 

Thank you for tonight, UDD. <3 #100happydays day 37

Hulaan niyo kung kaninong piano to…

Kay Armi!!!! <3 #UDD #TernoNight

Crossfaith has the best merch. This is for their hoodie. Di ako fan pero parang gusto ko narin bumili.


Lil bro: Ate, when we get back to the Philippines help me buy a tux.

Me: Why?

Lil bro: I’m going to Prom na next year.

Me: ….


How the hell did that happen? It feels like he’s still in the 3rd grade to me. What??? I cant even imagine him in a tux at prom with a girl on his arm. I can’t. :( And I hate that I won’t be there on the actual night. Another big day in his life that I’m gonna miss.